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Our Story

Wellbeing seems to be a huge focus in the world at the moment. But for our Founder, this has been the focus of her entire life. Having spent years going from Gastro-Enterologist, to ENT specialist, to Gynaecologist, to Urologist, to Nutritional Therapist, finally, a Functional Medicine Practitioner made sense of what was happening to her body...


Our Mission

We work collaboratively to restore health through personalised lifestyle and nutrition. We go further than merely looking at the 'what' in the diagnosis of illness, and instead, focus upon the much more important 'why' illness develops. Our corporate work is focused on preventive wellness strategies, including educational talks that support healthy workplace cultures, enabling employees to thrive.

Our Approach

The future of medicine is here.  As a virtual functional medicine practice, we offer you a personalised healthcare program right at your fingertips.  We examine your genetics, digestion, hormones, and lifestyle, to customise a unique solution for you, built on the four pathways to optimal living -
Rest, Mindset, Nutrition and Movement. Through the wonders of digital technology, you can access our online bookings and virtual consultations from anywhere.


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