level up your diet plan

level up your diet plan


Are you struggling to lose those stubborn excess pounds with no success? Our LipoBoost Vitamin Shot can be an effective tool for taking your weight loss to the next level. 

This specially formulated blend contains fat burning aminos such as Carnitine, Leucine and Methionine. It's the ideal solution for anybody already working on losing weight, but finding it difficult to break through a weight loss plateau.

Main benefits:

  • Assists with appetite control.

  • Supports healthy metabolism to help you burn fat effectively.

  • Supports the utilisation of fat as an energy source by muscle tissues.

  • Supports healthy energy levels to provide you with a lift throughout your day, allowing for more physical activity, less unhealthy food cravings and effective weight management.

The LipoBoost Vitamin Shot is administered as a quick, relatively painless injection.