Testimonial 1

"I was very skeptical about the whole (hypnotherapy) treatment and process, as I find it very hard to zone out.  But Raewyn’s voice is so calm and soothing, I totally relaxed and was able to focus. She really helped me so much to achieve my goal of breaking my bad habit - so much so, I went back to her for some help with my fear of flying! She helped me get on a 12 seater propeller plane to make two flights of 1 hour each, in extremely turbulent conditions to achieve my dream of visiting the Grand Canyon. I’ve since flown 3 other times on a propeller and multiple long haul flights by myself, which I never though I would be able to do. She also made me two personal recordings which I still have and listen to on my iPod regularly! Raewyn and her therapies are the best, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!”

- Joe V., London UK