Testimonial 4

“When I lived in London, Deirdre was my osteopath. With scoliosis, I needed to see an osteopath regularly. From my first session with Deirdre, I felt completely at ease and appreciated her genuine, kind, compassionate, yet always professional manner. What made her different to previous osteopaths I had worked with, was her holistic approach. She took the time to understand my lifestyle, my diet, what was happening in my life currently and this influenced the treatment I received. Deirdre’s nutritional studies in particular benefited me greatly and enabled me to explore what I could do on a daily basis to nourish myself and find overall health, of which my scoliosis was one part of. Ultimately, I felt I had found someone, who though is an osteopath, has the aim of supporting her clients in finding optimum balance and well-being. Now I am not based in London. I miss our sessions dearly, I cannot recommend enough inviting this wonderful, highly knowledgeable and skillful practitioner into your life.”

— Ciara C.A., Zurich, Switzerland