Our team

We are clinicians and wellness professionals who have a passion for preventing illness and restoring health through customised lifestyle and nutrition interventions. We understand that we're all unique.  Therefore, we place great emphasis on lab work to discover your individual biological make-up, and then work with you to customise your lifestyle and nutrition to offer the best possible solution for your life.

From a corporate consulting perspective, we enjoy developing bespoke wellness strategies, which support the creation of sustainable working practices and healthy workplace cultures, that enable people to thrive.

     Photo Credit: Debra hurford-brown

    Photo Credit: Debra hurford-brown

    Raewyn Guerrero

    Functional Medicine Health Coach & CBT Hypnotherapist

     Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

    Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

    Emilie West

    Nutritional Therapist Leadership Development

     Photo Credit:

    Photo Credit:

    Deirdre Nazareth

    Functional Medicine Practitioner Osteopath

    Well Works : Dr. Nathan Curran

    Dr. Nathan Curran

    Medical Doctor
    Bioidentical Hormones Expert