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What our clients say

The combination of a fairly demanding job and a heavy exercise schedule have, in the past, left me run down and feeling under the weather for long periods - especially during the winter months. Taking time out of work or exercise is far from ideal, so being proactive about my immune system is the most sensible option for me. I have found vitamin infusions to be very beneficial. I have noticed an improvement in my energy levels and what seems to be a greater ability to fight of colds and coughs. Dr Curran makes the whole experience very straight forward and stress free and is always happy to discuss the science behind the treatment. I would recommend this for anyone with a hectic schedule who needs to keep going.
— Georgina Gates, Investment Banker
I recently completed the Lands End to John O’ Groats cycle ride. The ride covers 969 miles in 9 days, climbing 15,000 meters in all kinds of weather. I have a busy job being a partner in a City law firm and it was difficult to fit in enough training around work commitments. I was helped enormously by nutritional advice provided by Dr Curran and a vitamin infusion before the ride. I felt strong throughout and despite a lack of sleep, I was able to stay clear of injury or illness, and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. I am now planning my next cycling adventure and a vitamin infusion will be a key part of my preparations.
— Patrick Foss, Solicitor